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Do you want to know folk-custom crafts madeinchina? Do you like China Arts & crafts?
Handicrafts madeinchina are multiform. The paper cut, Chinese knob, woodblock picture, leather silhouette, silk embroidery, carving, pottery and so on in our Web site are just part of them. Here you may find a lot of funny crafts products, which are madeinchina.

Besides, you may find other interesting Chinese things such as cuisine, If you like tasty Chinese food, you may refer to recipes and cook them with your own hand.

Comparing the Chinese-made products two decades ago with their current versions, any sensible person should not deny the fact that MadeinChina products have improved a great deal in many ways including quality.

So what defines a product as “madeinChina? After all, much of IT assembly takes place in China, with components often imported from Japan, Chinese Taipei, the US and Europe. The fact that assembly and final testing of goods may occur in third countries and that much of China’s IT trade is shipped through Hong Kong-China adds to the riddle. The discrepancy as to what “made in China?means is evidenced in trade figures published by the US and China: Chinese figures for IT exports to the US are 48% lower than US figures for IT imports from China. Both China and Japan recorded trade deficits in IT trade between themselves.
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